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Welcome to Phase 3 everybody!

Welcome to Phase 3 everybody!

Now that Ontario has entered Phase 3 of the “Roadmap to Reopen”, we can finally have as many as 6 (six!) people in the store at one time. Its gonna feel crowded!

We would like to remind everybody that we still have the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine available for anybody 18 and up. Several schools require vaccination for anybody attending in the fall: Fanshawe, University of Toronto, and Western all require students who will be staying in residence to have at least 1 dose of the vaccine by September.…/fanshawe-announces-residence……

I wouldn’t be surprised if more schools add those requirements as well, or possibly to have had both doses, or even for the Provincial Government to mandate it once they come up with their school plans. Since the doses of vaccine must be at least 28 days apart, if you want to get both doses before you go you need to start by the first week of August to complete the series on time!

Unfortunately, we can only vaccinate 18 and older with the vaccine available at our store. If you want to vaccinate somebody 12-18, you will need to find a location that can provide the Pfizer vaccine, as it is the only one indicated for that age group so far. You can find locations that have Pfizer available at . Research on giving Moderna vaccine to younger people is underway, but I believe the results are not expected until late Fall or early Winter.

Hope everybody is staying safe and having a good summer so far!